Leading Inclusively: Transformative Change Across the Globe

October 13, 2022 | Conference Event | Agnes Scott College

October 12, 2022 | Pre-Conference Inclusive Leadership Institute Workshop | Agnes Scott College 

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Inclusive leadership has become a catchphrase across all areas of society. From Fortune 500 companies to grassroots organizations, the idea of inclusive leadership has gained a prominent perch in mission statements, organizational charts, and hiring advertisements. But what does inclusive leadership look like when applied in these very different contexts? What leadership practices are best suited for truly transformative outcomes? How can we best teach inclusive leadership, and how do we evaluate the impact of inclusive practices across our communities?

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Agnes Scott College’s Third Annual Women’s Global Leadership Conference will provide a venue for exchanging best practices and innovative ideas about inclusive leadership in a diverse world. The conference builds on Agnes Scott’s award-winning SUMMIT Global Learning and Leadership Development experience, where students develop inclusive leadership competencies through immersive intercultural learning and on-site leadership shadowing. 

The “Leading Inclusively” conference on October 13, 2022 will feature leaders whose actions in politics, science, business, and the media exemplify what the inclusive transformation of communities, organizations, and societies looks like on a global, national, or local level. Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and plenary conversations will create opportunities for creative exchange and for the development of innovative solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our world. Potential topics include:

  • Inclusive leadership approaches in international and domestic business and politics
  • Political leadership and social inequality
  • Women and global development
  • Climate change

An optional pre-conference workshop on October 12, 2022 will provide participants with an opportunity to sign up for select modules of Agnes Scott’s new Inclusive Leadership Certificate.

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The Power of Belonging.

Why Agnes Scott?

Agnes Scott provides a venue for sharing best practices and moving forward the construction of meaningful partnerships between higher education, business, and the public sector. Our students will take what they learn from our campus and into the world. 

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The Women’s Global Leadership Conference Series focuses on global learning, inclusive leadership development and professional success. Agnes Scott College’s goal for the annual event is to support and shape how higher education and the liberal arts connect with relevant global discourses and developments. Agnes Scott College’s mission and curriculum amplifies faculty expertise and connecting students with globally impactful speakers and panelists. 

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